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Dean of Colleges at QU applaud the graduated students | Qatar University

Dean of Colleges at QU applaud the graduated students

حرم جامعة قطر- صورة عامة للنشر الصحفي

Qatar University (QU) is pleased of its forty-third class (2020). The deans had a say, and they put in a lot of work to help achieve this essential aim, directing and supervising the event's success, and holding the graduate's hand from the first day at the university until graduation.

Dean of Colleges at QU applauded their graduated students, few of them shared their sentiments on this occasion.
Ibrahim Al-Ansari, Dean of College of Sharia and Islamic Studies said, “The College celebrated the graduation of a new batch of our daughters, students of the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, after they were given honorable knowledge and with honesty and responsibility.”

As a national college for Sharia education and Islamic studies at Qatar University, the College is dedicated to the community. It provides high-quality academic programs that equip graduates to successfully engage in shaping their country's and nation's destiny.

He said, “The College has become a reliable reference that combines the Arab-Islamic identity, advances Islam in its bright image, and promotes coexistence and dialogue with the other, and has become known regionally and globally for leadership and excellence in legal education.”

Dr. Ibrahim Al Kaabi, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, spoke about this occasion and said: “There is no doubt that this year’s graduation ceremony will remain engraved in all of our memories in a very special way, as it is completely different from its counterparts in the past years. Due to the special and exceptional circumstances that he went through, due to the pandemic.

Since the start of the pandemic , the teaching and learning process in various universities around the world, particularly Qatar University, has taken a sharp qualitative turn, whether in terms of educational tools and methods or in terms of the capabilities and resources required to meet the difficult challenges posed by the pandemic on the educational process.
“As well as words of gratitude and respect for everyone's sincere efforts - especially yours, male and female students - to make the educational process successful in these challenging circumstances, accompanied by your professors and members of the academic staff in the various faculties and departments of the university,” he added.
“Today we celebrate the graduation of a batch of university students, and we are all proud of them, the success and excellence they have reached. Today, they are about to embark on a new journey of their lives, after they proved their worth during the university stage efficiently and effectively. In the name of all of you, we pray for your success and righteousness in every step you take towards a future in which the country will be elevated and advanced,” Dr. Khaled Naji, Dean of the College of Engineering said.

Dr. Hanan Abdul Rahim, Dean of College of Health Sciences, said, addressing the graduates of the College of Health Sciences: “This graduation is a wonderful occasion for each of you. You have really shown that you are a group of talented, hard-working alumni, especially as we move into the second year of the Covid-19 pandemic. When the pandemic began, most of us were affected by the decisions made by the state and the university - which led the university to "distance learning", the spread of high-quality educational technology with digital capabilities across thousands of classrooms and events. It wasn't easy for any of you because we all knew this time was very different than any other time in our history. Thus, the transition of online education will be different from any transformation in previous decades.”

Dr. Hanan noted that with today’s graduation and access to an internationally recognized education, the graduates are well prepared for their future lives as they have been prepared by the college to be lifelong learners, lifelong students, but now with fewer exams and more salary!

Dr. Ahmed Al-Emadi, Dean of the College of Education, said that the College celebrates on this blessed day the graduation of a new constellation of its female students, all of whom are proud of their new colleagues who are joining the ranks of the first educators who took upon themselves the task of raising the nation for generations that believe in God, belong to it and serve the country. Good luck to them.

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Aziz Al-Khulaifi, Dean of the College of Law said: "It is a source of pleasure for you to participate today in this great joy, in graduating a new group of jurists who will engage in legal practice with efficiency and following the will of God."

Dr. Al-Khulaifi congratulated the college’s graduating students for completing the graduation requirements in this joyous ceremony, and we wish them all success and payment from God in their career path, and he tightened the hands of the rest of the students for more seriousness and diligence, so that the College of Law remains a pioneering destination in the field of law in Qatar and the region.