Research Themes
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Last modified: October 24, 2017 11:13:01.

Information Intelligence Laboratory:

The Information Intelligence Lab (IIL) aims at intelligent access and processing of data, and on transforming data into useful knowledge. It focuses on fundamental research and core technology advances to develop new methodologies for information gathering, filtering, structuring, privacy, classification, mining, natural language technologies and scalable data processing. IIL researchers collaborate with potential users and data custodians from social, biomedical and environmental sciences sectors in order to apply, validate, and deploy the developed approaches, as well as enable scientific discovery.

Network and Distributed Systems Laboratory:

The Network and Distributed Systems Lab (NDSL) leverages the growing research activities at Qatar University in the areas of distributed systems, network services and computer networks. The focus areas of the NDSL lab will include Internet and cloud computing, network design and protocols, sensor networks, computer security; service oriented computing, Peer-to-peer self-organizing distributed systems, and social networks.

Interdisciplinary and Smart Design Laboratory:

The Interdisciplinary and Smart Design Laboratory (ISDL) focuses on designing and implementing smart (instrumented + intelligent + integrated + pre-tested) solutions to relevant real world problems. Being interdisciplinary in its very nature, the horizons for activities are wide encompassing and include oil & gas, robotics, healthcare, biomedical, and environmental research. In any of the above mentioned areas of interest, the emphasis is on acquiring domain expertise, knowledge, and data, which are employed to develop computer science and engineering tools and systems in order to support the development of intelligent engineering solutions and enable data analysis. ISDL projects typically involve research teams with memberships of domain experts, as well as computer science and engineering experts.